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Chiron Equine



Dedicated to creating positive experiences for horses and humans

I rode for the first time (that I remember) for my 10th birthday. My dad took me for a public trail ride with 2 friends. He still says that it's the most expensive gift he's ever given, because I fell in love, and my parents paid for lessons until I was 18. 

My first part time job was at a breeding facility, and since then I've kept coming back to the horse industry. I've worked in barns, guided trail rides, worked for veterinarians, and worked in foaling and layup facilities. 

I love that I've had such a varied experience in horses. I think it gives me a unique perspective in the way I work with them. I think that we have a responsibility to our horses to never stop learning. 

What We Do

Providing Specialized Care

Sometimes a horse on outdoor board gets injured and needs stall rest. Sometimes a horse needs time-consuming rehabilitation like hand walks multiple times a day, and your regular boarding farm doesn't have the time.

Sometimes, your horse has a major injury or surgery and you're nervous or grossed out by changing their bandages or cleaning wounds.

Maybe your mare is pregnant and needs an experienced team to watch over her delivery, ready to step in if she needs help.

Let us give you a hand!

Chiron Equine is providing short-term, specialized care for horses who need some extra attention. 

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